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eBirthday Deals began connecting Local Businesses and Anyone Celebrating a Birthday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2013. Local Birthday Deals are listed at 50% off to FREE for cities throughout the United States and are good the day, week or month of birthday, depending on the business. The best part? Local Businesses receive 100% of all sales directly from entire birthday parties, keeping your money in the local economy and supporting the community.

All Local Birthday Deals are shared through a mobile platform. Once the deal is chosen from the eBD website, a coupon is received and saved to your personal mobile wallet. Any of the coupons may be retrieved by going to the short code 71441 and choosing any of the coupon text messages.

Share the Love for Local is a new feature of eBirthday Deals that enables consumers to support local businesses before they walk through the doors. Simply nominate favorite businesses to the program. Once approved, the business will receive a complete digital marketing program for free that cultivates new and repeat business throughout the year.

The business has to be in need and must want to be a part of the free program by sharing a local birthday deal at 50% off to FREE. This makes the program extremely special. We will not accept businesses that do not put their entire heart into caring for their customers by sharing this special day with them.

Your payment to receive services from local businesses is not a tax deduction. You’re supporting local businesses so they can share birthday deals to bring paying customers through their doors.

Any adult 18+ may enter to win the $100 Monthly Birthday Cash Contest the month of his or her birthday. No purchase is necessary to register. Only one entry per person.

Each phone number used to choose deals needs to pay a $4.99 Lifetime Membership. This membership is helping support local businesses, the local economy and you by having lifetime access to all the birthday deals at 50% off to FREE.

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