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Everyone’s got a birthday, most of us celebrate it! Whether you, a family member, friend or co-worker has a birthday, eBirthday Deals shares the best local birthday deals at 50% off to FREE throughout the month of your birthday. Choose Birthday Deals and/or enter to win this month’s Birthday Cash if you’re celebrating a birthday.

At eBirthday Deals we create a birthday celebration frenzy by sharing birthday deals from a variety of local businesses – restaurants, spas, family entertainment, fitness and many more.

Mobile coupons are offered through eBirthday Deals at 50% off to FREE to consumers who purchase a lifetime membership and opt-in to receive the local birthday deals. We’re also helping support local businesses by sharing what they’re offering for birthdays – all in one place!

Find and choose local birthday deals on the website, receive the deals via text, and use the deals to save while helping to revive your local economy

Faith Megna

eBirthday Deals President & CEO

Faith Megna Owner CEO

Faith Megna, President and CEO of eBirthday Deals, first experienced couponing while selling radio in the mid-2000s and didn’t agree with how the big company programs took hard-earned dollars away from local businesses. After consulting media throughout North American on social media, content and digital sales 10+ years ago, she brought what she knew back to local businesses. Since then she’s been taking the road less traveled with digital couponing, found the sweet spot and has helped local businesses grow on autopilot and make 100% of their profits.

Since 2013, the eBirthday Deals program has kept more spending dollars where they belong – in the local economy. eBirthday Deals shares local business birthday deals at 50% off to FREE through a simple digital marketing program that includes SEO, web, mobile, email and social media. 

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